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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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what we are seeing is the strength of the muslimar brotherhood, we are going to seh months or longer of violence, struggle, potentially terrorism. >> reporter: the crackdown and unrest drewe oth condemnatn from the united states, and ledd the united states to cancel military exercises with egypt scheduled in months. they are willing to spill moresl blood in pursuit of their goal. this evening the muslim brotherhood announced they had a made their day of rage a week-long affair. in jerusalem, lelan vit teeter, fox news. we are finding out about violations of the paper claims thens informatm came from nsa breaker earlier this summer. internal audits and secret documents detail more than 2700 infractions that involve the surveillance of americans or foreign startings in the u.s. u. the report also showedlso sh unauthorized use of theth information for more than 3,0000 americans and green card holders. in another document, the postthe reports that the personnel weren told to remove details ins reports to the justice
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department, and used more generic language. the news edge on dmplet c.dl and a new plan to deal with thet district's paramedic for months, fox 5 has beenfox 5 reporting on the staffing shortage at d.c. fire and ems. now the department isnt considering a plan to hirere paramedics who don't have fire fighting training. it's an issue that has some concerned. matt ackland is live with more.. the policy of the fire department has been to hire hi paramedics who are also firefighters, that means it can help those who have a med attention and those who can grab a hose and help stop a burningrg fire. >> it appears the city is shifting from that policy. this comes at the department is struggling to fill the paramedic positions. there's two sides here, the fire union feels that it's important to have paramedics trained as firefighters, just in case theyy are needed to fight a fire. but the medics union thinks hiring pardon medic pardon para
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union needs right now. >> going back 15-20 years and started hiring single paramedics only. >> no word on when thethe administration will move forward with this policy.. chief ellerbe said at fox 5 tha changes were coming for the entire department, brian. >> matt ackland. restauranteur shalal, is making a run for seat, he has not held abby le held an electin position before. and mayor vincent gray will not say whether he is seeking re-election. maryland representative,pren former baltimore county exec is considering running and there's been a lost negativity betweenv the two leading candidates,ca brown, and doug gentzler, he
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will make the final decision in thefi fall. fall if he does not run, the democrah says he will enboris the best candidate for the job. -- endorse the bestst candidate for the job. this month george washingtog and american university joining more than 1,000 othereove colles banning smoking indoors and out. american will allow smoking, and gwu has gone cold turkey for students to follow suit. >> i can breathe better, i can state better, when you start to feel the positive effects soiv quickly, it actually really helps to stay motivated. >> we're still intu transition, and i think it's reallyre difficult to just kind of alienate students or faculty orr staff who happen to smoke. >> both gw and au offeringfering programs to help people stop smoking. new jersey governor chris christie has agreed to sign a
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controversial marijuana ban. it will give sick childrenve access to the drug. it wil sl t allow the distribut of the drugs at dispensary. the parents of chronically ill children will not have access to a marijuana before ari psychiatrist and pediatricianju sign off on the press laying off aol at the local newse ol shot. it will consolidate 150 of theid 500 sites, and look for partners for others. the layoff takes 9% of aol's total workforce. 1600 pennsylvania avenue is going green.atni construction workers were on the roof the white house today installing solar panels part ofs the initiative of the obama administration to promote renewable energy.. >> they are regarding federal agency to renew -- meanwhile thh family took in a bike ride during their vacation at
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martha's vineyard. the president and his oldest daughter mallia, and the first lady were not too far behind. t straight ahead on the edge, it's the new conspiracy theory that people had been thinking about for a long time, and it's been debunked. area 51 h 51 51 declassified. so what went on in there. >> what mike shanahan thoughtshh they got out of the past three weeks. plus gm bruce allen gives us with the controversy between shani and r get 3. ass nation's capital's prepares to commemorate the --te as the nation prepares to commemorate the airplanes of the march, send us information, and hash tag myfoxdc, or load
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pictures to myfoxdc, and youmyf, have a story or idea, there's the number and e-mail address. 
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the bikers started out at somerset, pennsylvania thislvant morning. at the flight 93 crash site andn road to the pentagon. the america's 9/11 foundationtin raises money for firstfi responders and their families. the sister of the youngest victim of the boston marathonmah bombings is taking her firstfirt steps toward recovery. today her family released this picture of jane martin walkingwn with her prosthetic leg.leg. she underwent 12 surgeries, her brother 8-year-old richard wasrr killed in the attack.attack her mother suffered a serious eye injury.. the dad received shrapnelel
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injuries. yesterday was the 4th month anniversary of the attacks. more testimony heardy by te sandy hook advisory commission in connecticut. the 16 member panel listened to a nevariety of speakers talk abt school safety. governor dan malloy set up the t panel following the school shooting in it includes psychiatric experts inside it's been the subject of rumors conspiracy theories andad even moreys movies, we reveal tt about area 51. 5 a bear in naples decided the best place to would be the porch of a florida family. fami the bear yawning and lounging, sleeping and then left thend t enclosed area through the door it created in the screen door.
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area 51 has been the stuffs of legends. now for firsbet time newly revealed papers have acknowledged the existence of es the area 51 and what it didd contain. >> reporter: area 51, that th secret nevada base that sparkedd stories of alien autopsies, au little green men in outer space ufsfos but now the curtain is finally being pulled back. >> acknowledge. >> jerry of the nationalf security archives says after eight years he has finally gotten cia maps and papers undes the freedom of information act that confirm area 51 is real.rel
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>> the government has notnot declassed the fact of the area 51 anymore. >> reporter: it turns out ufos may not have been the the reason the government wouldn't o acknowledge area 51, but in fact, it was this. a you tw u-2 spy plane which wae heart of the cold war. it details it's 60 years of taking subspace spy pictures. the new papers indicate area 51 was a cia test site for >> it's always good tt o end irrational government secrecy. >> reporter: of course, manycoe believe that secrecy has been to hide aliens, ufos or flying saucers. in fact, conferences like these one in d.c. insist the outer space cover up is >> a white pulsating light inlsn the sky. dark he metallic in appearance e with strange markings. >> reporter: back they say
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the spy plane exploration for e area 51 is more down toxp eartht >> dad never believed like ufoss or stuff like people are making up stories. >> if we have learned 1 thingar about the ufo debate is that thh question will never really be put to in washington tom fitzgerald,tza fox 5 kind of a bummer. we had all of this great weather during the workweek and instead of the weekend. >> it's not going to be that t bad. tomorrow is okay, andg then sunday we will have some showers, it kind of depends on where you are sunday as to how h much rain you may, or may not get. i don't think that everybody watching us now gets rain on on sunday. some of you may escape with a dry sunday. su it's a little complicated. we will get to that coming up, and you will look at the way it is now, and it's a break, enjoyo it, i don't think tomorrow it'sr going to be that bad, either.
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>> upper 70s, lower 80s, s, that is bonus. we're not up around 86, 87, 88 where we would normally be. reagan. and to the east of us, these numbers are -- gaithersburg 75, and dulles 76, and the numbers for the week and the evening hours, and a few clouds, 70, and 76, 2009, 72, and it's at 11:00, and 69, now, sunday showers,owe, yes, but again, not for everybody, it does look like we will stay dry tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow comparable to today, we're not going to have quite as much shine early. i think we will have more cloudu tomorrow than what we had todayo it's going to be temperatures upper 70s to right around ou 80 degrees with just aboutt
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everybody. here is what we hiccup a little bit, i think on sunday. su we're going to call for more clouds certainly, and there wili be some showers out there. we will have more clouds left sunshine, temperature will bellb cooler, probably lower 70s to mid-to upper 70s, depend, it it just dendz on exactly wher ex--t depends on where you are and ho much rain you're going to have.a here are the clouds on top of us now, but notice how the cloudse are on top of i-95, to the easte if you're west and northwest of i-95, you are pretty much goodch to go. go this evening with a lot of sunshine and we have had a lost sunshine today. that is really is where we're we going to be on sunday as thisis rain starts coming on in. you can see there's a lost raini now coming up through the carolinas, most of us aree staying central carolinas on off to east, and the beaches distant showers tonight and through theo weekend as well. depend we're talking about -- again we're talking about where
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is it doin going to rain, and fr d.c. and to the west and t northwest.o we're talking about showery weather on sunday. so again, not an all day rouain, not even everybody gets wet. if you are east of i-95, out ou toward the beach and the shore,r and down toward southern maryland, i think it's more likely that you're going to be wet, most of the day at least a good chance of that coming up on sunday. okay. so if you look at this real closely right now, it will keep dc with showers and mostly dry. okay. maybe we pick up a quarter of an inch of rain and that is about it. the heavier amounts on off to east and the southeast and the reason this is kind of a tricky forecast on sunday, is because our forecast died and it's all over the place, some of it keeps it to the south and to the west. others of it brings it right on up i-95, fairly heavy, too, and then majority of the -- p consensus seems to be that itat will keep it farther to the ease anr d the southeast. southe
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depend, we will dep go showery the corridor north and tonight still cool, we will be e in the 60s, 64-degree in quantico. 67, and for tomorrow here is hos it shapes up, not bad, temperatures right up against,a, at 80 degrees or so. and when you think about whereou we shouldt be, upper 80s this0s time of year, this is all real, real good. and we have had enough sunshineh it looks like it's going to be a decent day. clouds tomorrow morning to start, but not bad. ba sun and clouds 75 degrees, and e it does look like as we progress through the day tomorrow, wemorw will have a little more on thern way of cloudiness, and a littlet less sunshine, but it does lookk like all things are pointing toward tomorrow being a dry day. 75 on sunday with some showers, a spotty thunderstorm on monday and tuesday, once you get through the weekend, you beginek to gradually get back to whereen we should be inac august, at let with the temperatures, tuesday
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87, wednesday 89, and then onhe thursday, and then friday ofay next week, we project the 90s will come back. >> what?>> >> perhaps, we were done withwe the w 90s, didn't we? >> hopefully that is wrong. >> still summer. >> actress eva longoria, andev actor anda director doing owe e among those who will be honoredo at the heritage awards, the 25th hispanic heritage awards will be broadcast on mundo fox. the training camp in richmond, we will hear from the head coach up next. ne don't mess with this girl, she is a black belt. she went dependenc against anott and surprised her a with fast moving kicks that floored herd opponent.
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that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month.
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the redskins are cominge re home. anwell over what theyg predicte. mike shanahan has to be happy with the way they wrapped thinge up with a mostly healthy roster and a fully healthy quarter back. robert of the griffin the third steadily increased his workouts and the only would be when he expressed his displeasure with the rehab that was set by the head coach.head a situation that was never a situation. >> i don't see the controversy at all. i know somehow, billy and you sonny are laughing that we we created a quarter back quar
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controversy with robert griffin, but we have a very competitive player who is dying to play football, and we have a very experienced coach who -- >> today's final practice, did not include brian coming off of a thigh bruise, rg3 took a dozen, 11 on 11, completing six of the passes, coaches have until august thirs 31st to trim the roster. it was also a great bonding experience for the players to bs away. year one in richmond success according to shanahan. >> it's as good as you can be. you come to camp hoping to get better. you're able to accomplish thatmh and then the fields were in excellent shape, the facilities perfect for us, weight room, train room, the staff was great.
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they had everything that we wery hoping for. >> it's a unique setting andth certainly a great place, i don't know if there's aiq place with e nfls where the fans are greater than we had. >> i think it's a tremendous trm experience, a long day but it'st necessary and it got you the ready for what we have coming forward. the red games second preseason game, the home opener against the steelers can be seee at our sister station mondayion night at 8:00. tonight the nationals are ih atlanta to start a three game series against thee ta first ple braves, they are coming off thee season. last night a strike away from the win dependence th against t. and hector sanchez, and afterwards davie johnson washe asked if he d went to his closer one too many times. >> it's my closer, three days da early is nothing for a closer. i mean, shoot, you got to get out. you got to get him out.t.
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can't come close to it. you got to make him put in play. >> reporter: and the orioles hosting rocky tonight here on fox. nfl preseason. down to shawn yancy for aya look at what is coming up tonight, not 10:00, some time after the game. >> hopefully closer to 10:00. >> coming up tonight the 50th anniversary of the march on washington is just days away. the national park service wasn't sure crews would be ready removing the controversial inscription on the martin luther king junior memorial in time. we have an update tonight; thet; new steps being take toa taken o keep you safe. shawn yancy in a bit. listen, tomorrow more clouds, but we will best dry. comfortable temperatures all weekend long.d 70s in august, you can can complain, and it does look like as we get on to sunday, we are
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going to have some showers show around, it's not going to be an all-day wash out.all-day wash o. we will get showers and then as we progress into next week, i do believe that certainly by the middle to latter part of nex ctx week, it's going to feel much,, much more like it should be like around here, 80s and possiblyiby 90s coming back.. now you have the news edge. the news is always on,
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> so you can learn a lesson from chris brown because what chris brown says is when a lawyer is good to you -- onere you going to get him of these? >> waiting for one to be good to us. [laughter] >> justin bieber posted a picture on his instagram of him, kevin durant., >> they went to his house? >> you wouldn't go to justin bieber's house if you were invited? >> why? >> get high and ride segues down the street. >> michael vick paid $111,000 to citric and company, an elite crisis management team.


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